Full Body Anti Virus Protection Suit


Full Body Anti Virus Protection Suit

CE certified, EN14126 type4, anti-shrink,breathable, anti-wrinkle, Eco-friendly



Comply CFDA disposable protective clothing national standard GB19082-2009 and CE EN14126 type 4 .

1. The hydrostatic pressure in key parts of protective clothing should be no less than 1.67kpa. The test data is 32.6-34.91kpa, far higher than the national standard.

2. The moisture permeability of protective materials should not be less than 2500g, and the test data is 5461g.It is more breathable and comfortable to wear.
3. Anti-synthetic blood penetrability national standard requirements: the anti-synthetic blood penetrability of protective
clothing should not be lower than the level 2 requirements, level 6 far beyond the national standard requirements, the anti synthetic blood penetrability is higher, the safety factor is higher.
4.The water contamination level on the outer side of the protective clothing should not be lower than the requirement of level 3. The test data is level 6, with better surface moisture resistance and higher protection coefficient.
5. Breaking strength. The national standard requires that the breaking strength of materials in key parts of protective clothing should be no less than 45N.



1. Bound stitched seam keep the performance of liquid resistance.

2. Hood with elastic border. 3. Knitted cuffs or elastic cuffs are optional. 4. Elasticated band and ankles. 5. Wide armhole for a maximum wearability and comfort during usage. 6. No particle release. 7. Ergonomic 3-piece hood. 8. Elasticated waist for optimum fit. 9. Ample crotch area.

How to wear:
1. Remove wristwatches and other items, then wash and disinfect your hands;
2. Take out the isolation clothing, open the upper opening and hold both sides forward with both hands;
3. Half-bend body, put your feet in first, then pull back up the isolation clothing;
4. Put on your hands and wrap your headgear around your head;
5. Adjust the bottom of the trousers, and close it, then close the face part;
6. Pull the zipper from bottom to the neck and cover the placket;
7. Then you can enter the workplace.