Premium Double Layer Shaking Incubator


Premium Double Layer Shaking Incubator

These new double layer shaking incubators in a class of their own, are specially developed a cost effective and space saving solution for the modern biological engineering departments; the units are widely used in the applications of germ culture, hybridization, biochemical research, enzyme and cellular tissues. These incubators have a smooth compact design, which are very efficient and have an excellent floor space/performance factor. The double layer shaking frame supports two trays above each other, doubles the capacity for smaller flasks, while after removing the top tray (Shaking frame upgrade required).

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▶ 4.3''/5.6'' LCD touch screen panel clearly indicates all parameters in one page display and makes it easy to change the operating parameters settings, even those multi set points under programmable mode intuitively.

▶ P.I.D microprocessor controller provides unmatched versatility by enable users to create personalized program

(with up to 9 segments, with cycling) to automate changes to function parameters.

▶ Large double fold tempered glass window on the front doors together with the fluorescent light provide complete visibility of chamber interior.

▶ Mirror-finished high quality #304 stainless steel for excellent durability of interiors.

▶ Non-volatile memory for set point retention after power interruption.

▶ Robust triple eccentric counterbalanced drive in cast iron housing provides vibration and trouble free operation with high shaking speed up to 300rpm even when both layers are fully loaded.

▶ UV light reduces the air burden, keeping the chamber contamination free.

▶ Quality brushless AC inductive motor supports reliable, quiet and smooth shaking movements up to top speed even when fully loaded with 90 pieces of 250ml flasks (ZWYR-2112B, ZWFR-2112).

▶ Non-volatile memory saves settings during a power outage and automatically restarts the unit after power is


▶ Audible and visual alarms on over temperature and motor overheating, and automatically cut off the power.

Soft start and smooth acceleration when doors are closed after short opens.

▶ Dedicated single layer shaking frame is available for the ease of using large flasks.

▶ For data recording, the units are equipped with a built-in thermo printer as standard, so that operators could check how the performance parameters vary according to specified process without having to be on site.

▶ Timer up to 9999 mins under fixed value control mode.

▶ Predrilled standard tray included, without clamps.




Innova Shaking Incubator Brochure

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